The Client

Hilton Munich City.

At Progress, we have an established history in creating destination brands and a close affiliation in the hospitality arena, creating branding, collateral and marketing for bars and restaurants. Juliet Rose is a great illustration of this; a vibrant and unique location in the heart of Munich.

The Project

Juliet Rose cocktail bar.

To be found in the Hilton Munich hotel, this bar is a destination in its own right. With an accent on botanical, floral and creative mixology, this is a bar that adopts multiple characteristics, mixing sophistication with the unconventional. Our task: create an identity, collateral and website as iconic as the location.

We Delivered

Signature branding.

With a rose at its heart and a focus on unique character, style and unique creations in a modern setting, we wanted to ensure that this was reflective not just in the main identity, but the feel, tone, style and execution of the communications. From the signage and wayfinding to the materials used for menus to a striking online presence, we worked closely with the onsite team to create a brand as signature as the cocktails they create.