The Client

Folkestone Harbour Company.

Once the last piece of land for departing WW1 soldiers and a bustling ferry port, for decades Folkestone’s Harbour Arm lay derelict and unused. Throw in a town regeneration and investment into the creation of artistic, cultural and community-focused projects and you now have a coastal draw featuring destination dining, music, shopping and bars that attracts hundreds of thousands to the town every year.

The Project

The Harbour Arm.

The Harbour Arm is an ever-evolving location with a long-term development plan working from the lighthouse through to the old Folkestone East station. They approached Progress to create an identity that reflected a vibrant and diverse make up of its offering and was iconic and recognisable as the location itself.

We Delivered

A destination brand.

As well as creating the overall branding, we recognised that owing to the infrastructure around the derelict station meant that signposting and wayfinding was essential to drive traffic to the site. Working closely with the HA team, we not only commissioned striking artistic building and hoarding graphics, but a versatile and informative online presence as well. Fast forward to today and it’s one of, if not the town’s premier destinations.