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Digital transformation – driving the remote revolution?

At the time of writing this, myself and my team are some 15 weeks or so into a remote working set up and I’ve not seen most of my team in person for a quarter of a year. As for many businesses, working from home can be a double-edged sword; I’ve always advocated the benefits […]

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Better Together

I never feel comfortable in front of a camera. Behind it, yes – I love it; I can reassure, direct and support the subject to get the best from them. But the minute I’ve a camera pointed at me, I can get tense, overthink it or dwell too much on what I sound or look […]

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Feelings are facts

This was posted as part of IMEX PlanetIMEX eduMonday series of presentations and interactive sessions, ahead of this year’s much anticipated re-invented- event under the title “What is the new normal in extreme times?” Curiously, the event delivered more along the lines of this manifesto than I first appreciated, and I applaud them for that. […]

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