Now’s the time to
build momentum

At last, the UK has a roadmap. Vaccinations are rolling out at pace, digital ‘green passes’ are being mooted to kick start European travel for the end of June and there’s meme’s galore about how people are looking forward to going back to that most British of mainstays…the pub. 

So, time to get busy. Travel firms are urging us to ‘Get Set for the Summer’ and fitness businesses are falling over themselves to offer summer body plans. And now there’s alpacas in the classroom. 

To give that a little more clarity: for a number of years now, we’ve worked closely with Alpaca Annie, a local tourist destination and purveyor of alpaca-related products. Like many businesses, the lockdown has had a huge impact and the alpacas themselves miss their human visitors. 

So, if no one could come to the farm, we proposed why not bring the farm into people’s homes? By offering free educational Zoom sessions to schools, this offered a number of benefits: as an engagement piece, this could introduce the business to new audiences, raise awareness, entertain and educate all at the same time, delivered by the charismatic Annie and her team. Furthermore, this acted as the perfect introduction to follow on in the summer when the schools, teachers and parents can then visit the farm and see everything for real. 

After some simple local school research, contact and setting up, it’s certainly struck a chord: teachers and pupils alike, the engagement has been instant. Involvement and interaction in schools has generated multiple sessions with hugely positive fantastic feedback, there’s been some great online engagement too through Facebook and Instagram, with it being the most popular content this year so far.  

It’s a great example where our relationship with the client has worked effectively and where lateral, creative thinking and commercial thought combine, and now they stand to reap the benefits as it builds momentum. 

Or put another way, how getting switched-on now can create great opportunities for the future.