As lovers of both design and music, we saw with interest the article on Creative Boom regarding the Abbey Road re-brand.

With a stunning new look to Abbey Road’s new identity, it’s refreshing to see that they are sticking to their roots and are not simply following trends. They’ve chosen a branding strategy that shows that they are determined to keep the British rock in the charts with a touch of class.

Abbey Road are renowned for their British rock theme, dating all the way back to 1931 when the studio was established. In redesigning the identity, it was felt the music industry has moved a long way away from their “basic” (classic) black and white theme but they had to do something to reinvent the way British rock is now seen.

I feel their new identity fits the bill almost perfectly; it’s original and elegant with a modern twist. It’s certainly brought the brand forward since the original classic black and white theme made iconic when The Beatles brought out the album Abbey Road with the iconic cover featuring the fab four walking over the zebra crossing. Of course though, the studio will forever be wedded to this most famous of associations.

Although they’ve updated their identity, they’ve most certainly stayed true to their history. Whilst the black and white theme stays put, they’ve added a touch of red, which modernises their image, and with a new 3D logo, it really showcases a new era of British rock. With current British artists such as Mumford & Sons, Paulo Nutini and Jake Bugg, recording their music there, the studio’s ongoing iconic status will remain intact for many more years to come…