Back in the early days of the web, images took a long time to load - we’re talking a seriously long time. They had to be used carefully, and were rarely the full size, dynamic images you see today.

The primary bottleneck that prevents the use of lots of large imagery today is slow Internet connections. At Progress, our connection speed is pretty fast, but not everybody is as lucky. Further out in rural and less urbanised areas, connection speed gets slower, and on a slow connection, viewing websites that use large imagery can be a frustrating process.

The easy option is to give in and not use large imagery - but this is the lazy approach and doesn’t help the user to have the ideal experience when browsing the site. When done right, the use of large imagery won’t affect those with slow connections: since the advent of modern browser technology, it is now possible to ensure images are loaded on demand, when they are needed to be viewed as opposed to waiting for an eternity as the browser stuggles to load every image. An illustration of this kind of technology in action can be found right here on this site, but another great example can be found on another of our sites - Guy Hollaway Architects. This website pushes the boundaries of large image use, yet it still loads quickly.

Do you want to use big, bold imagery on your website, but are too afraid that it will slow it down? The technology that allows us to use big imagery is here. Interested in a website upgrade that lets your customers see the bigger picture? Then why not give Progress a call and push the boundaries of the web with your site to create the user experience you should have – and not have to put up with.