That’s right folks, it’s Mad Friday – the last Friday before Christmas, traditionally the most popular night for office Christmas parties, which consequently makes it one of the busiest nights in the year for the emergency services due to drunken shenanigans taking place in towns and cities across the UK.

If you fancy documenting your own Mad Friday then you may be interested in a new app called Flashgap. Created by a young French start-up, it allows friends to create a shared photo album at an event or night out, with images collated from all members of a pre-selected group. However, the images and videos taken throughout night via the app disappear instantly, only to be revealed the day after, at noon precisely, allowing the group to discover the night before from new perspective once memories have become, er…somewhat hazy.

Flashgap CEO and creator of this handy Hangover-inspired drunken documenter, the appropriately named, Julian Kabab, conceived the app while studying (and partying obviously):

“In University, around 10 friends and I used to go to parties and strap a GoPro around our heads. Everyone would videotape the entire event, in particular the part of the evening spent apart, and the next day we would screen the entire footage on a big TV. It was so funny to discover together what happened the night before that I felt the need to scale that idea by creating an app”

Flashgap launched in the US on Halloween and locked in its first 40,000 American users within the first week. The next step indeed for Flashgap is to keep following their bigger vision and seek growth with an additional approach in between Whatsapp and Instagram.

So we wish you a Happy Mad Friday and if you choose to document your evening, then just remember to be ready for yesterday…

Download Flashgap here