Ace design duo The Yarza Twins have created the very cool New Batavier typeface, by breathing fresh life into a font from a twenties travel poster.

The original poster from 1928, designed by Francesca Claussen, advertised the Batavier Line, a shipping route between Rotterdam and London run by Wm. H. Müller & Co.

The poster’s classic Dutch graphic design and constructivist type caught the eye of Eva and Marta Yarza and they felt compelled to draw inspiration from it for a new typeface:

“We found the poster when reading a book on travelling posters, and fell in love at first sight with the font. We couldn’t find a lot of information about it, but we felt we wanted to be able to use it.”

After tracing the available letters, the twins created a whole set and then redrew each individual letter, refining them for consistency. The sharp, geometric shapes have been stylised, given slightly rounder edges, making the typeface slightly more contemporary for use as a modern typeface.

We love the approach and dedication that has gone into reviving this typeface and we’ll be featuring more work from the Yarza Twins in future Digress posts.

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