The main new features of the phone are expected to be a better camera, a more responsive home button and lightning wireless earphones. But what’s just as important will be the unveiling of the new iOS 10 operating system.

Here are what we expect to be the 10 best features of iOS 10:

Pick up and view
Hate pressing that home button to see your notifications? Well hate no more. In iOS 10, the phone's accelerometer will respond to you picking it up by lighting up the lock screen, showing your latest notifications.

Rich notifications
Your notifications will now be even more useful without you having to open the actual app. Notifications will now feature images, gifs and videos.

Delete default apps
Ever wanted to get rid of that bloody Stocks app? You should now be able to delete all of those default apps that come pre-installed and get in the way of your favourite apps.

Emoji tap
Are you one of those people who prefers to use a puerile image instead of actually articulating what you’re thinking using words? Well then you’ll love this. Type out a sentence and, when you select the emoji keyboard, the Messages app will highlight certain words you can replace with an emoji. So type "football" and it will suggest a... you get the idea.

Voicemail transcriptions
Never have to listen to your voicemails again: iOS 10 will include a feature that automatically transcribes an answer phone message left by a caller.

Apps in iMessage
Compared to the likes of Facebook Messenger, iMessage has seemed a bit unloved in recent years. But not for much longer: the Message app has several big changes in iOS 10, one of which is its own App Store.

This means services for ordering food, shopping, travel and so on will be integrated within iMessage. And one of the best features: you'll be able to send money back and forth.

A new Apple Music
Apple Music appears to have been a success since it launched last year, with more than 20 million paying subscribers on the streaming service, but it did have its critics.

For iOS 10, the software has been rebuilt showing a cleaner design. Or in Apple's words: "It uses a new design language that allows the music to become the hero and a new structure that makes it easy to navigate and discover new music." Nice.

Siri will actually be useful for stuff
Siri is getting on for five years old now, and has started to show its age compared to some younger models such as Amazon's Alexa. Which is why Apple has given it a new lease of life by opening the personal assistant up to third party developers.

This means you'll be able to ask Siri to send a WhatsApp or order an Uber rather than just asking it questions pointless when you’re drunk and bored.

Better Maps
Apple Maps was a bit of a joke when it first launched, but in recent years it has improved significantly, and added features such as public transport.

In iOS 10, Maps will get a huge redesign with larger buttons, making it much simpler to use. And it will be open to Extensions, allowing you to book an Uber to a destination or reserve a table with OpenTable.

Photo Memories
Apps like Timehop have become a popular way to relive past memories, but they don't have access to your whole photo library like Apple does. In iOS 10, Apple will debut a new "Memories" feature that automatically stitches together a video of a time and place, such as holidays or weddings.