Scott Belsky

Here at Progress we love following ‘creatives’ that have influenced design in some way or another, today we’ve been looking at Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.

Scott attended Cornell University as an undergraduate and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. After college, he started working in corporate America at a big investment bank doing business leadership development and succession planning within the business.

Then in 2005 Scott was introduced to Matias Corea, co-founder of Behance, whom he first employed as a freelancer. Matias had a background in Graphic Design along with formal training, unlike Scott. Behance first started as a blog about creatives who manage their businesses, build teams and lead ideas into fruition.

The word Behance came from ‘enhance’, to make things better and ‘Be’ meaning people ‘need to do it themselves and take responsibility of enhancing their potential.’

The creative world is one of the most disorganised communities in the world.’

So the idea was to create an organizing element in the creative world and allow individuals to be in the spotlight rather than agencies and brands taking the credit, gaining transparency in the creative world.

Creative people know no bounds and some of the greatest work is coming out of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and a lot of other developing countries’

When Adobe acquired Behance in 2012, Scott adds ‘it was a difficult decision to make, what had to happen for me and the Behance team was the understanding of the kind of company Adobe wanted to be’ At the time, Adobe was shifting into being a services business based on community, which allowed Scott and the Behance team to take on a role of leadership within the future of Adobe.

Without Behance millions of creatives across 172 countries, including Progress, wouldn’t be able to showcase their portfolio all over the world, gaining a better audience and allowing others to approach them to do work for them or appreciate their work.

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