The Playable Cities Award has announced the shortlisted designs competing for £30,000 of investment. The Playable City project encourages designers to think about the design of future cities with people and play at the centre.

Among this year’s designs are a bus stop encouraging people to talk to each other, signposts which can respond to your mood and a zebra crossing featuring a 30-second party zone.

The successful projects will be created on the streets of Bristol before travelling to other cities such as Lagos and Tokyo.

It was started on the premise that half the world’s population now lives in cities and that despite a focus on transport infrastructure, city dwellers are rarely canvassed when it comes to their journeys and the form they would like them to take.

We love this exciting project and brilliant example of inspired thinking and smarter creative. Want to see some of our grafitti and signage for the Folkestone Harbour Arm project? Take a look here