Mozilla, the not-for-profit organisation behind the Firefox web browser, has taken an intriguing approach to the rebranding process whereby each step will be shared publicly.

Earlier this summer, Mozilla posted a series of articles introducing seven possible themes for its new positioning. Each post outlined a different theme, with sample copy and a series of brand statements.

Design studio johnson banks and the brand then gathered feedback online and at the Mozilla All Hands conference in London which helped refine the themes down to five.

Using those verbal themes, johnson banks has now created seven possible design routes.

All these routes have now been posted on Mozilla’s Open Design blog and, as you might expect, are receiving some healthy critique from the tech community. Mozilla themselves have some early favourites but they have invited users to respond and provide feedback on each of the routes.

The seven concepts will be reduced to three. These will then be refined further from a combination of user feedback, their own design instinct and what Mozilla needs its brand identity to communicate to the world.

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