Here at Progress we’re all about branding and identity so we’re always on the look out for inspiring creatives, when we found Graphic Designer Michael Bierut talking about how the Internet has changed the designing and evolution of logo designing.

He begins off speaking about his mentor Massimo Vagnelli and how he started and where Design was back then compared to now. Massimo specifically taught of the impact a designer can have on the world and because designs are all around us, it isn’t just exciting jobs that need to be done. He continues to talk about Massimo designing the New York City subway signs,

‘Massimo understood that every assignment like that had within it the opportunity to do something of consequence’.

He also goes on to say that the Internet has given us the ability to ‘drown yourself in influence, whereas before everything seemed original as you only had access to the tiniest slither of the world’, now that you have access to nearly anything, the chance of obtaining feedback is massive, from a like or share to promoting your portfolio online.

He then speaks about the swastika as a logo. It was originally used as a good luck symbol before the rise of the Nazi movement, explaining how a logo can be acquired over time. Today we see the swastika as a negative identity; the shapes, colours and angles will always be representational of a dark period of history.

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