The Five Pillars of Progress

As part of this process, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on how we work and what we stand for. And, as we do for many of our clients, we’ve articulated our brand values – what makes us what we are - the core beliefs and principles embodied by our agency.

We have INTEGRITY which makes for strong partnerships with colleagues and clients.

We believe in TRANSPARENCY in all aspects of what we do.

We have the right ATTITUDE when it comes to challenging and pushing boundaries.

We take PRIDE in everything we do and always ensure we get the job done.

We thrive on CREATIVITY and turning heads with our work.

The Progress Logo

Defining our brand values was a hugely important part of our rebrand. However, the first thing many people tend to notice with a rebrand is a new logo. As you can see, we still believe in the beauty of simplicity, but we’ve evolved the design to be more relevant to where we are now.

Just as we did with our brand values, we’ve broken our logo down to five core components which represents those values. These components are integral in forming a consistent visual identity for Progress content and design assets

The Progress Voice and Visual Identity

Our iconic P is not just more striking, it’s now made up of five shapes or shards. These shards are used in a variety of ways to ensure a consistent visual identity. We’ve introduced some new fonts (Gotham Black, Gotham Book and Bookman) and updated our colour palette.

These ‘Conversation Cards’ are a great example of the new Progress brand in action.

The cards also showcase our brand voice. We’re human, friendly and creative. This isn’t new, it’s how we’ve always been (and what we’re recognised for). However, we’re keen to ensure this is reflected across all of our channels.

We’ve really enjoyed focussing on Progress – it has helped to better crystalize our brand and our business. We love helping other businesses find their identity and voice, too. If you’re considering a rebrand, come and talk to us.