Fernando Gutiérrez and his London-based studio of the same name, has created the identity for London’s new Design Museum. The initial brief given to Fernando was to “create an identity for the museum that is about ‘growing up and not growing old’, and to design a flexible base”.

A phrase that stood out for Fernando was “a design museum that wants to explore design”. “I wanted to create an identity that is timeless, and can fit in with all types of aesthetics,” explains Fernando. “The director Deyan Sudjic was keen to establish the authority of the institution in its new location by using the definitive article, The Design Museum and build on the elements that existed in the previous identity.”

Fernando and his team spent time with the different museum departments, listening to what they thought worked and what didn’t. Other aspects of the project saw him look at the different audiences the museum has and mapping the journey of the visitor.

“As well as creating the identity for the public, it was also about organising the museum internally and getting everything working together in a consistent manner,” explains Fernando. “The identity needed to be a canvas to hold the different styles and approaches of work contained within the museum – it has to work in harmony and work for everyone.”

The Design Museum is open now.

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