Every so often a new app or website will suddenly appear on the tech scene and get everyone talking.

You might remember Ello, dubbed the "anti-Facebook", which exploded on to the market in late 2014 only to be swiftly forgotten in 2015.

And then there was Meerkat, a live video streaming app which gained early momentum but is now overshadowed by Periscope, the Twitter-owned app that essentially does exactly the same thing.

More recently, there was Yo. An app that only allowed people to say Yo to each other. Mmm.

And now there’s Peach.

Peachis a social network that allows you to send messages or actions like waving, kissing, and ‘caking’ – whatever that is.

That's not particularly innovative, but Peach has a neat little function in its text commands. Rather than tapping your way through menus to post a picture or suchlike, Peach has a range of commands, or Magic Words as it calls them, that make posting richer content easier.

If you type ‘draw’, a little drawing panel comes up and you can have a doodle. Typing ‘gif’ allows you to quickly search for animated gifs that best portray your mood. ‘Move’ shows how many steps you taken. ‘Here’ adds your location.

Aside from the concept itself, the app's sudden popularity is being attributed mostly to its founder, Dom Hoffman. Or The Other Hoff, if you will. Twitter bought his other creation, Vine, in October 2012.

Peach has certainly got people talking. Recode called it the "app du jour for the kids at the cool tech table", while Mashable referred to it as the "slick" app everyone is talking about.

But for how long?