And so, some six weeks away from the big day, it has well and truly begun...Christmas TV advertising. Most of the big guns have released their offerings...a good summary of the contenders can be found on The Independent here.

One of the pirennial contenders for best ad is of course the retail giant John Lewis, with this year's offering being a story about the man in the moon. And perhaps predictably, this has spawned a number of parodies, our current favourite being the Dark Side version featuring Star Wars uber-villan Darth Vader.

Whilst we're on the subject of John Lewis, spare a thought for a chap called John Lewis and has the Twitter address @johnlewis. The poor bloke - who has nothing to do with the retail store - is inundated every Christmas with messages and references, but the admirable fellow replies to every one with witty and amusing replies / observations. Well done sir! Read his story here.

Whilst it's always interesting to see the crop of offerings enticing us to part with our Christmas cash, like many, we can't help but feel that its too early...indeed, this was a sentiment echoed quite clearly by resident from Bury St Edmunds expressing his displeasure at what he felt to be too early for Christmas lights in his hometown...check it out here (note there is somewhat 'expressive' language in his message).

But, my favourite so far has to be the Star Wars themed ad from Duracell (yet another Star Wars reference) entitled 'The battle for Christmas morning'. A great imaginative ad, it captures a child's imagination and let's face it, we'd all like to be Jedi Knights and wield a lightsaber, don't we?