Your website has been designed and built and has just been made live on the internet for all to see. But is anyone actually visiting it?

So you have any reputation?

Frustratingly, it takes time for a website to gain ‘reputation’ from search engines. Some of this will happen naturally with time, some requires Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The problem is that even if you are doing SEO work on a site, this can take 3-6 months to bear any fruit. So how visible is your site during this time?

Needle in a haystack

The answer is, your site will be searchable (even this can take 2-4 weeks) and may rank well for very long and specific keywords, but in essence will be invisible. This is where AdWords comes in, it can plug the gap and drive targeted traffic to your site immediately.

Targeting your visitors

With AdWords you can really target your traffic. You can pinpoint the location of the searcher and what keywords they are searching for. This is really powerful, and helps funnel the relevant people to your site, while at the same time limiting your advertising spend.

Measurable Results

The great thing about AdWords is all the data it provides. It means that you can track all the way from a click on an advert through to a purchase or action such as using a contact form. This allows campaigns to be tweaked for better performance and lower cost.

Can I run a campaign myself?

Of course, but the learning curve is large and time consuming. Time that could be better spent running your business.

Why use the experts?

The benefits of a managed campaign are:

  1. Time saving - running and optimising campaigns is time consuming
  2. Lower cost - we tweak and optimise your campaign to lower the cost per click
  3. Better performance - we understand what works and how to improve the quality of visitors to your site
  4. Knowledge - you can leverage our expert knowhow to fully use all the best features of AdWords
  5. Copy writing - we can write captivating and appropriate copy for your ads
  6. Landing pages - we can create specific landing pages for your ads that reduce cost and increase conversion
  7. Regular reporting - we can report weekly or monthly on your campaigns and their effectiveness

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