As you may have seen, we were very impressed with Honda’s current marketing campaign for the Civic Type R entitled “The Other Side”. The creativity and innovation shown in that campaign was truly brilliant but they haven’t stopped there; they are now introducing a campaign to give the public a chance “drive” the new Type R around a track and set a time. Don’t get too excited though because one thing we didn’t mention-the campaign is completely virtual!

Honda have partnered with Xbox, using a lap from the successful racing game Forza to let gamers speed around a lap in the new Civic in order to clock the best time. After each lap, users will be prompted to share their lap on #XboxUpload. Since being launched #XboxUpload has seen an enormous amount of traffic, over one billion posts have been uploaded such as various clips and content. Undoubtedly as a result, this will give the Honda brand and the Type R tremendous exposure, reaching audiences that otherwise would have cost them millions through traditional channels.

Honda are going all-out with marketing the Type R and the interactive nature that both campaigns offer really does generate significant interest. Here at PROGRESS, we love these sort of campaigns, creating aspirational, well thought out and engaging rich media. Once again it’s an example of how a brand can push boundaries and engage with new audiences.