Twitter announced this week that it is making various changes to Tweets in a bid to “simplify” its product, allowing users to express themselves with more room in 140-character Tweets. While the changes might seem like a welcome development, will they improve Twitter’s position in the long run?

According to the company, the simplified tweet rules will make conversations faster and more intuitive for people who come to Twitter everyday and those who are new to the service.

So are the changes good or bad for brands? Well, that’s a tricky one. One of the most consistent challenges brands have with the platform is around character limits – it can be a frustrating process putting together engaging copy and adverts with a fixed amount of characters to work with. However, is simply increasing the character limit enough or is it too little too late? Does Twitter need to make more significant changes if it wants to attract more users and advertisers?

It's no secret that Twitter is struggling — especially when compared with the runaway success of rivals like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The number of tweets sent on the service has plummeted, according to API data, with 303 million sent in January — down from a peak of 661 million in August 2014.

When it comes to user growth, brand engagement and retention, Twitter appears increasingly tired and weak in the face of Facebook and Instagram. So has the bird flown the nest for Twitter? Maybe not quite yet but there are certainly more interesting and effective ways to get customers engaged with your brand using alternative social media platforms.

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