Here at Progress we’re always looking at new and innovative ways to advertise our products and stand out from the crowd.

Grolsch certainly has done this with their new digital initiative ‘Movie Unlocker’. Allowing you to unlock movies online with the beers you buy. The concept was made from Russian App Developer, Heads and Hands, using a Bluetooth beacon in the bottle cap activated when tapped against a mobile device.

Each beacon is protected by a sticker which blocks transmission until the bottle is opened - ensuring the movie has not been claimed or lost before reaching customer. Once opened it sends a signal to your device with a previously registered serial number, once matched, customers can digitally unlock a movie of their choice.

This signal can only work on devices compatible with next-generation Bluetooth connectivity. The previous idea, carried out in Russia by Grolsch, allowed customers to manually enter their code online, this new and innovative idea takes advertising to the next level, mixing Digital Technology with Product Design and Advertising.