We have some extremely exciting projects lined up for the first half of the year that will take us to a number of countries (albeit virtually rather than physically). So grab your passport and join us on a whistle stop tour of our projects around the globe so far this year…

Lake Como

Yes, finally the shores of celebrity-drenched Lake Como have come calling. We have been approached to create the brand identity and menu designs for three outlets at a prestigious hotel due to open in the Spring. Unfortunately, this project hasn’t yet necessitated a trip over to Lake Como but we’re currently working hard on an excuse to go over there. We’ll be rubbing shoulders with Clooney and Branson before you know it.

Tashkent. (It’s in Uzbekistan)

Do you know what a doubly landlocked country is? It’s one that is landlocked by other landlocked countries and Uzbekistan is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world. (The other one is Liechtenstein since you ask). Anyway, enough of these amazing facts. What’s more interesting is that we have been commissioned to create the brand identity and menu designs for a restaurant and bar in a hotel refurbishment in Tashkent. With a modern take on Uzbekistan’s rich heritage, this hospitality project is right up our street and we can’t wait to get started on the designs.


Yes that’s right, Hollywood. We are currently working on a top secret promotion for a client who have an exclusive partnership with a major Dreamworks animated film coming out in April. The project involves the creation of digital adverts, point of sale and merchandise using exclusive assets from Dreamworks Studios and 20th Century Fox.

We'll keep you updated on all of these projects and share some of our work in the coming months. Want to see some of our previous branding work at home and abroad? Then click here