So your existing website is four years old let’s say. Business is good, you get no negative comments about the site. It looked good when it was new, and you liked it, so why go to the expense of a redesign?

1) Google penalises non mobile friendly sites

If your site fails this test from Google, your site will appear lower in the search results when viewed on mobile devices. Many sites older than 4 years old are not optimised to be viewed on mobiles and tablets.

2) Visitors to your site make a snap judgement of your business

The new signage you have at your retail premises or office may look great, but visitors to your site will quickly notice that your site out of date site. They may never use your services and you will never know.

3) Your competition are doing it and you want to win

People search for businesses of all kinds and make comparisons. A newer and more up to date site that is done correctly will mean you will get the business, not the competition.

4) New Technology and Social

Sites that have up to date content tend to do better in search results, they also appear fresher to visitors and encourage return visits. There are also now better ways of laying out sites that will be more intuitive to visitors and more exciting and engaging.

5) You are in control

Content management systems (CMS) have been around for a while, but they have never been easier to use. They allow you to control all content on the site, without the need to call your design agency. This saves you money and time.

Does YOUR website pass the mobile test?

At Progress we specialise in creating websites that not only look great but work beautifully too. Want to see some examples? Here's just a few we've created: Guy Hollaway, MCA, Hythe Care

Have you taken a look at your website on a smartphone or tablet recently? If the text is too small to read without enlarging, the links too close together and the content wider than the screen then that means it’s not optimised.

Need us to take a look at it? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to create a new website that looks stunning on any screen.