Back in February, we conducted some filming for Hilton Worldwide for their new, Europe-wide ‘Wine by the Glass’ programme – a complete review and re-selection of the standard wines across all Hilton hotels throughout Europe.

A two-day shoot, the idea was for a Master of Wine to talk through each of the wines, their characteristics, taste, etc. in order that the staff can describe them fluently and effectively to customers. In addition, a top London sommelier was drafted in for a section regarding the most effective means to present, pour and sell.

As well as organising the crew (our very good friends at Screen South), location and set, at the same time Luke did some filming of our own, a behind the scenes view of the two days. You can view the video by clicking here.

In addition, we created an interactive PDF guide, pages of which can be seen, as well as some excerpts from the final videos in our case study, which you can see by clicking here.