Peter Saville has teamed up with Tate to create the artwork for its new beer, Switch House, celebrating the opening of the new Tate Modern Switch House extension.

Tate wanted to create a modern style pale ale to fit with the aesthetic of the newly opened Tate Modern Bar, according to Fourpure Brewing Co.

Switch House comes in a limited run silver can, featuring a brightly coloured geometric design by Saville. It is designed to represent the shape of the extension, helping visitors to understand the gallery’s new layout and how the spaces are used.

Why we love Peter Saville...

As Art Director and co-founder of Factory Records, Saville was given an unusual, if not unprecedented level of freedom to design whatever he wanted, just as the bands were with their music: free from the constraints of budgets and deadlines which were routinely imposed on designers elsewhere.

Saville treated his artwork for Factory acts such as Joy Division and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark as forms of self-expression to articulate whatever happened to obsess him at the time.

Our favourite Saville piece of work has to be the legendary Blue Monday sleeve for New Order. The sleeve required a 3-step die-cut process that costs £1.10 to make; it sold for £1 in stores so New Order actually lost money every time they sold a copy.