At PROGRESS, for sometime now we've been trading with clients overseas; we've created branding and design work throughout Europe and into the Middle East. Since we first established five short years ago (my, how they have flown by!) we've been fortunate to work on some great projects in some fantastic locations.

With a Government mandate to export more, great bodies such as the UKTI are there to help businesses in their forays to foreign shores and we've found them extremely supportive in our ventures. Through our overseas embassies, we quite literally have 'our man in....' flying the flag for British business.

But, as I prepare to depart for Dubai once more for further development of our overseas presence, what strikes me is how much British design and creative thinking is so well received - and in demand too. As a nation, we are very much spearheading a quality creative drive worldwide. In Dubai for example, it's quite clear that post 2008, thinking around design has's evident in the style of the architecture alone.

Just about everyone I've met has been so positive and encouraging to working with British designers; as well as a desire for that something different, alternative and fresh, there's very much a want for the well-thought out, considered approach combined with sharp, cutting-edge design. Or perhaps we could simply say #smartercreative is just what's wanted?

And we're more than happy to oblige.