The next stunning iconic, and seemingly unattainable Aston has arrived in the shape of the DB10; a model so exclusive to one man…or is it THE man? That man is, of course, James Bond.

Looking at this from a marketing point of view, Aston has once again made a shrewd move, undoubtedly creating a level of hype and desire for the ultimate spy car that may well mean a version eventually runs into production - despite claims that only 10 models ('which will probably be destroyed by the stunt team') will ever be produced.

Of course, this isn’t Aston’s first time with the franchise, having enjoyed (a BMW blip aside) a long a fruitful relationship with the eponymous secret agent for decades. They have displayed a clear pattern in their marketing strategy through product placement – a popular and effective means to market the brand with one of the best movie franchises of all time.

The James Bond films have benefitted from a long and fruitful relationship with brands ever since the 1960s when Sean Connery drank a bottle of Red Stripe beer in the 60s. So fast forward 50 years or so to when Heineken reportedly paid $45 million just to have Bond drinking their beer in Skyfall and it’s clear how for major brands, this sort of exposure clearly pays off

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