Oscar Powell recently released his debut album, Sport, on XL Recordings. The album has been complemented by some very cool art direction from friend Guy Featherstone, who works for Wieden + Kennedy.

Having fun with typography, the Powell logo has been manipulated by Guy into its own character, often appearing throughout music videos, tapping, swimming or cycling. The neon design for Powell’s campaign repeatedly appears throughout music videos, 12" releases and on social media.

As part of this campaign Oscar and XL created one of the most extensive merchandise shops available for an artist. Within his online shop you can purchase the usual T-shirt, but also a bicycle that “looks awesome outside an Islington gastropub”, says Powell, a swimming cap “as worn by Michael Phelps… looks good in the rave too!” and even a horse named Steve that “used to be mates with famous horses".

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Watch the video for Powell's Insomniac here