Well, nowadays it's not enough to simply have a web presence. From quality content to effective usability and eye-catching design, your site needs to engage customers and trigger an action.

We build responsive sites that are designed to be flexible and give your customers exactly what they are looking for. Here are 5 reasons why good web design is so essential in helping to grow your brand and business:

1) Well-designed websites leave a great first impression

It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to your website to decide whether they are going to continue browsing it or not. Your website design determines whether they stay and take action or leave – it’s as simple as that.

Visually appealing website design increases customer engagement and a professional, modern website can encourage further engagement by leading visitors to take action. If your site doesn’t make a good first impression, then maybe it’s time for a refresh?

2) Well-designed websites are easy to navigate

Good website design is important because it affects how quickly visitors can find what they are looking for. There is nothing worse than a frustrated visitor. If they are not happy with the journey, they will leave (bounce) and try another site, probably a competitor.

Everything on your website needs to have a logical and consistent place to help visitors easily find what they are looking for. A good design will be easy to understand and navigate, helping your potential customers find what they need when they need it.

3) Well-designed websites work well on every screen

Modern websites have to be responsive, which means that they adjust according to the screen size it’s being displayed on. Responsive website design ensures a consistent usability experience on any screen size, so visitors won’t notice any difference.

It’s not just visitors that appreciate responsive design, search engines can penalise websites not optimised for mobile. That means potential customers could be less likely to find you when searching on their website. Having a well-designed responsive website is important if you hope to find, convert and retain more visitors.

4) Well-designed websites convert visitors into sales

As well as looking good, the design of your website needs to lead the user on a journey towards an interaction with you. Planning out your site map will determine the flow of your site and will help determine the overall journey a visitor will take.

Good web design will lead the eye to what’s most important for your business and guide your visitors to take whatever action or engagement you need, to convert them into a potential customer or sale. You can learn a lot about a user based on their behaviour on your website!

5) Well-designed websites reflect your brand

For many potential customers, your website will be the first introduction they have to your brand. So it’s vital that the design of your website goes hand in hand with your brand identity and isn’t just an afterthought.

If you go through a rebranding exercise, then a website refresh is essential in launching your new brand and conveying your brand identity, colour palette and fonts.

Contrary to what you might think, a website is never complete. They need continual maintenance to keep them current and relevant to their industry. For websites to remain popular and successful, they must remain up-to-date with web development trends. We offer various levels of support packages for our clients which enable you to keep your site updated and fresh.

Once your new website design has been created, it gives you a great excuse to launch a campaign of activity to promote not just the site, but your business in general. By doing so, you’ll remind your current customers why they like you plus attract new customers at the same time.