The reasons for a rebrand need to be clearly defined. Before deciding to go through the process of a major brand overhaul, there is a set of questions that a business should ask itself. Has your business grown? Are you offering new services? Are you struggling to attract the right calibre of employee? Is your product great but this is not reflected in your existing brand and marketing communications? Here are 5 reasons why you should rebrand.

1) You’re losing out to your competitors

Are there new kids on the block who are stealing a significant chunk of your business? Are they explaining their offering better then you? Does their brand make them appear slicker, more successful or more professional?

If your industry has become saturated with similar businesses, it’s important to explore and establish that areas that differentiate you from the competition. Sometimes your direct competition may not have a better offering than you, they might just be communicating their offering more effectively.

2) You’ve outgrown your original brand

Does your brand tell the wrong, or outdated, story? Is it associated with something that is no longer meaningful or has the business model evolved or the scale of your business grown significantly? If this is the case, it may be that a repositioning of your business is required to better reflect your offering and direction.

Or it could simply be that when the business first started, for convenience, cost and ease, you had your branding and marketing designed for you by your best mate’s sister, but now it’s grown, evolved and developed, it’s time to move into more aggressive markets and you need a professional looking brand to reflect this.

3) You want to engage your employees

If you’re going through the process of rebranding, you can gain valuable insight and input from your employees. Especially when you’re at the workshop stage. They can offer an objective picture of the reality of your current brand and how you might be able to push forward to your new brand.

When it’s time to launch your rebrand, your employees can act as brand ambassadors, both internally by getting behind the launch campaign as well as externally by promoting it to customers.

4) You’re embarrassed by your website

Is your website well optimised and easy to use? User experience is key for modern websites. They need to look good, load quickly and to be easy to navigate on a variety of devices. If your website serves as nothing more than an online business card - a way for your audience to find your contact number - then it should be a focus when rebranding.

There is no point in hanging on to historical website design out of sentimentality. Lots of brands are able to evolve with a nod to the past whilst looking to the future. Be bold and move forwards, not sideways.

5) You want to future-proof your brand

Does your new brand have longevity or the ability to develop with your business - are you anticipating change over the next 5-10 years that will need to be reflected in your brand? Are you going with something that is on-trend right now, but will date quickly and necessitate another rebrand in a couple of years?

Whilst you can’t future-proof entirely, you can certainly create a brand that has flexibility for the future as your business evolves. Some of the most iconic brands have evolved over the years with subtle, rather than wholesale changes in order that there is a continuity and evolution as opposed to constant revolution.

It’s important to evaluate whether or not a rebrand is the right way to go for your business. It might turn out that it is being pushed for subjective reasons (e.g. you’ve decided to change the brand colours or logo simply for a change) rather than because it doesn’t work for the business any more. Ultimately, ensure it is for reasons of sanity, not vanity.

At PROGRESS we can help with every step of the rebranding process - from facilitating branding workshops to defining exactly what your brand needs to be, through to conception, positioning and execution. If you think it may be time for you to rebrand then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.